Assisted Living

Protect loved ones in a controlled environment via enhanced Hikvision video and access control. Bring the next level of care as facial recognition, sensor, and deep analytics works hard for your facility.


Find financial security solutions that improve operational efficiency, guard assets, and protect brands. High-end video surveillance and record-keeping ensure you're covered 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Optical biometrics adds the next level of security as actionable data finetunes customer service.


Safeguard your business with integrated Hikvision video surveillance and storage solutions. Thermal detection detects problematic areas to an operation while a cloud-based POS merge data with any footage.

Commercial Real Estate

Lower overhead and increase the revenue of commercial real estate with a custom Hikvision system. Video intercoms, facial recognition, and parking management solutions add value to any property.


Student safety is always a priority as we aim to improve the entire learning experience. Hikvision campus solutions deter theft, vandalism, bullying, and violence via an all-in-one system. Administrators have actionable intelligence and response capabilities to better manage their teams.


Foster a fair, safe, and honest playing field as players flock through the doors of your casino. Comprehensive solutions increase operational efficiency while protecting integrity and livelihood along the way.


An up-to-date surveillance and POS system will keep you on top of your game, regardless of what product or service you offer. Retail-centric analytics provides intelligent business data to further improve operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Temperature Screening

The health of team members and guests alike must remain a priority. Instantly measure skin temperatures and notify the user of any abnormal readings. Perfect for a wide range of applications, this technology integrates seamlessly with offices, transportation hubs, education centers, and more.

Support from asmart, secure system

Cast a watchful eye over your commercial or residential property with an intelligent Hikvision surveillance system by your side. Top-tier security measures instill a new sense of comfort, security, and efficiency. Improved security management and user experiences make the difference!

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